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Vitrail v.1.0    
One "warm", polyphonic synth sound. EQ, ADSR, Portamento, Fully automatable.
This synthie is very simple to use.
Click on the small wood button on the left of the two blue screens. The adjust windows appear.
On the first screen :
- ADSR and portamento. Adjust with the knobs on the left top.
- Equalisation. Adjust with the knobs on the left below (donít forget to click on the equalisation button to use it).
On the second screen, the midi+octave/pitch/fine pitch settings. Click on the values to adjust them.
Nice. More you play polyphony and release notes, more you use cpu. Logical.

DOWNLOAD!  2.16 mb  
Oatemal v.1.0  

Fuzzpilz has released Oatmeal, a two-oscillator subtractive synthesizer VSTi. Features: Two oscillators with Waveform (sine, sawtooth, pulse (square), triangle, user, and “user PWM”), Amp, Tpitch, Pulsewidth, PWM rate, PWM depth, Transpose, Detune and Aftertouch. Noise parameters: Amp, Touch, Resonance, Transpose. Filter block with selectable Filter type, Filter doubling, Cutoff, Key-tracking, Resonance, Split, Mix, Aftertouch, Envelope modulation, Velocity, Filter envelope and Speed ratio. Envelope with Attack, Hold, Decay 1, Breakpoint, Decay 2, Sustain and Release. FX: Distortion, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, EQ (5-band parametric equalizer).

Several Oatmeal users have created presets banks for Oatmeal which are listed here. This excellent VSTi synth for Windows is released as freeware and includes a manual in the zip-package.

DOWNLOAD!  755 kb    
Uno FM v.1.0    

This VST plugin synth is based on FM but have a layout similar to old analog models.
Uno FM is no way trying to recreate the classics like DX7 and the likes but to find
a little corner of its own with its limited sound capability. Arpeggio needs to have its recive channel set to the sending channel.
Midi Channel 16 is reserved for controlling arpeggio, but i forgot the how and what ;o)
Try avoid intensive use of RELEASE together with many notes on cause it will drain your CPU.
Using LFO Modulation eats CPU pretty fast. Simply drag the DLL file into the VstPlugin folder of your host. Contact:

DOWNLOAD!  863 kb    
Snorgan v.1.0    

Snorgan combines a waveform (selected from an internal bank of sixteen) with a secondary harmonic tone. The combined signal is sent through dual 2-pole filters and a delay/flanger effect. The filters' cutoff frequencies and the delay length can be modulated by low frequency oscillators. An explanation of the controls on Snorgan's interface follows but it's probably better to just experiment. Send feedback:

DOWNLOAD!  846 kb    
ZitH features
  • 3 Layers (30 waveforms)
  • Octave select, ADSR
  • 3 Advanced LFO (multiple outs)
  • Advanced Filter
  • Effects (Space, delay, flanger)
  • Arpeggiator
  • Assignable Automation Capability
DOWNLOAD!  4.94 mb    
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