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Visual vox v.1.1.2    
VisualVox VST is a free intonation correction VST Plugin. With it you can

- shift notes of a voice recording to perfect intonation
- fit a voice recording into rythm by stretching, cutting and moving parts of it
- fit a voice recording to another key with minimal pitch changes
- produce a perfect vibrato
- visualize how right or wrong you are singing
- create artificial polyphony from single voice recording
- draw frequency curves freely with your mouse
- let the VST plugin improve intonation automatically

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LiveSync Recorder  
LiveSync Recorder is a VST FX plugin which lets you capture, preview, and export audio as 1 or 2-bar loops, all in sync with your host's BPM! Thisis a very useful plugin for recording musicians; you can essentially keep only the good parts of one's performance while they jam! It is also a great plug-in for grabbing those "happy accidents" right after they happen.... Never lose that "magic moment" that occurs while tweaking a VSTi or VST FX again.... Audition captured loops in sync with your hosts BPM (click-free previewing!). Exported Wav's have tiny fades for click-free looping.
DOWNLOAD!  156 kb Devine Machine
Audioblast v.1.6.1   
You can use Audioblast to edit sounds (WAV or MP3). The program offers all the basic edit functions as well as some special functions that you won't find in other sound editors. You can also record new sounds (with a microphone) or create Morse messages. Version 1.6.1 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.
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Shaker Maker     
Shaker Maker is a special effect that will turn any rhythmic content into a convincing natural shaker rhythm. Shaker Maker can produce a wide variety of shaker sounds, and you can shape your shaker to sound exactly the way you want it to.
For using Shaker Maker you should put it in the insert slot of your audio track. Then load a drum loop or any other rhythmic audio file to this track. You can also connect a microphone and use your own voice as the source for your shaker rhythm. Finally choose one of the 16 prepared shaker sounds, or shape your own shaker!
DOWNLOAD!  1.15 mb    
Mini Tuner     
MiniTuner is designed to tune musical instruments (especially guitars) by using a microphone or direct connection through your PC's sound card. This program automatically detects the pitch of the input signal and displays the corresponding note and its deviation from the targeted note.
  • Chromatic and Guitar mode tuning
  • Automatic string selection
  • Expandable tuning library
  • Variable "A" frequencies (438Hz ... 445Hz)
  • Tuning gauge
  • Custom Windows Mixer settings (loaded upon program start and original restored when exiting)
  • Sample Rate Calibration (Automatic or using external source)
DOWNLOAD!  409 kb    
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